We assist in solving legal problems emerging in the field of corporate and commercial practices, real estate transactions, intellectual property, copyright, bankruptcy, tax counseling, and tax planning, family and labor law, as well as many other legal issues.

Our Bureau provides subscription services to legal entities. This form of legal assistance contributes more effectively to assisting principals by involving our experts in all economic processes of the business structure.

Lawyers of the Bureau solve various legal issues on behalf of private Principals. We successfully decide disputes on family, contractual, hereditary, labor and other issues. 

A significant amount of our legal assistance is related to commercial disputes. We conduct litigations of our principals in arbitration courts of all levels and constituent entities, and in referees’ courts.

The need to conduct a real estate inspection before any transaction involves due diligence, during which we examine the history of the property ownership as well as subsequent transactions with real estate and analyze the identified risks.

The lawyers of the Bureau have considerable experience in providing comprehensive support for all bankruptcy procedures for business entities.

Administrative law

The interaction of lawyers with state bodies on law issues is of great importance and is aimed at realizing the rights of citizens and legal entities.

We can help not only to obtain a positive court order for the Principal, but also to ensure its enforcement through competent authorities. In addition, when necessary, we protect the Principals from the unlawful actions of bailiffs.

The new direction of the Bureau's activity reflects the relevance of solving legal problems in the field of sports. We help sportsmen and sports organizations in resolving conflicts related to issues of law.