Our goal and our mission are to find the only correct and proper solution of the most difficult problem.

Legal assistance to Business

Our Bureau provides subscription services to legal entities. This form of legal assistance contributes more effectively to assisting principals by involving our experts in all economic processes of the business structure, as well as many other issues.

Legal assistance to individuals

Lawyers of the Bureau solve various legal issues on behalf of private Principals. We successfully decide disputes on family, contractual, hereditary, labor and other issues.

Representation in courts

A significant amount of our legal assistance relates to commercial disputes. Among the most common disputes are: disputes on collection of debts, protection of property rights and disputes on rights to real estate, challenge to actions and decisions of state bodies, disputes on modification and termination of contracts, tax disputes, disputes between participants / shareholders of business entities, and other corporate disputes.

Real estate and construction

In addition, within the scope of real estate practice the lawyers of the Bureau support investment and development projects in the field of construction, which are currently actively implemented in the Moscow region and other constituent territories.


Is the name given to the branch of civil law that covers rights to possess, use, and enjoy land and the permanent manmade additions attached to it...

Enforcement proceedings

We can help not only to obtain a positive court order for the Principal, but also to ensure its enforcement through competent authorities. 


Our goal is to give a modern and positive view of legal problems, help you to understand the intricacies of legislation, while ensuring the quality and competent legal support for your activities.

Arbitration cases

Criminal cases

Administrative cases

Civil cases


We assist in solving legal problems emerging in the field of corporate and commercial practices, real estate transactions, intellectual property, copyright, bankruptcy, tax counseling, and tax planning, family and labor law, as well as many other legal issues.
Managing Partner
Lawyer, Founder and Managing Partner of "Gromadsky and Partners" Law Bureau.
Lawyer and Managing Partner of "Gromadsky and Partners" Law Bureau.
Specialist in the field of energy and investment, Managing Partner of "Gromadsky and Partners" Law Bureau.


Among our principals are Russian and foreign private companies operating in the field of industrial production, trade, and investment. Individuals apply to us for legal assistance in resolving family disputes, supporting transactions, protecting business.